Racist Capitalism
Grand Old Plantation
The House Is Burning
Mob Rule
Raging Minority
The Seated Giant

The Seated Giant


Racist Capitalism:
"Racist Capitalism began
"On stolen Indian land
"Tilled by kidnapped, enslaved Africans."

Grand Old Plantation:

"We live in a spiritual blackout
"Imprisoned by self doubt
"Our morals in a rout
"Led by narcissists and traitors.
"Integrity's a liability
"Honesty, decency
"Love for humanity
"Killed by dictators and haters."

The House Is Burning:

"Pyromaniacs in the kitchen
"Playing with fire and never discerning.
"Getting hot and sweaty with ambition
"While The House Is Burning.
"While The House Is Burning."


"I'm not really keen on all I have seen.
"I see through the scheme, it's time to come clean.
"Green, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green"

Mob Rule:

"Bankers get money for nothing
"Gamble like they're too big to fail.
"Inequality is crushing
"Supply side's a fairy tale.
"Mob Rule."

Raging Minority:

"The top one percent own most of everything
"The bottom sixty less than two percent of anything
"Attempting to vote challenges the dauntless
"The wealthy own the country and strive to own the Congress
"A gerrymandered tyranny is strongest
"A raging minority reveling in their jaundice."

The Seated Giant:

"When the Seated Giant stands, it's time for revolution
"When the Seated Giant stands, it's time for a new point of view
"When the Seated Giant stands, it's time for restitution
"When the Seated Giant stands, it won't be for the rich and few"